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Most insurance agencies are uncomfortable with the idea of insuring farms but not us. The Frank Chamberland Agency has been helping CT farmers with their insurance needs for over 80 years. Whether yours is a full time operation, raising livestock on hundreds of acres, or a hobby raising vegetables on a few acres for the local farmers' markets -- we can help you!


Here are some of the coverages we can provide:



We can package your home, barns, machinery sheds & other buildings together in one policy.


Farm Liability:

Farm liability protects you if someone is injured while on your premises, such as being bitten or kicked by one of your livestock.  Liability coverage can be extended to acreage you rent for your operation, to a farm stand you own & operate or to cover custom farming you might do, such as harvesting corn for a farm who doesn't have the equipment to do it themselves. Liability coverage is also available if you allow the public onto your premises to pick fruits & vegetables themselves.


Livestock & Machinery:

Livestock & machinery can represent as much of a major financial investment as any farm building and losing them to a loss can also mean lost income in addition to your investment. We can insure your cows, pigs, & other livestock along with your tractors, corn choppers, balers and other farm implements.


Farm Autos:

If you've got trucks & trailers that you use in your farm operation, we have a farm automobile policy to provide liability & physical damage coverage for them. We can also insure your personal vehicles.


Farm Liability Umbrella: 

Farm liability umbrella provides an additional layer of insurance over your farm liability and farm auto policies in the event of a catastrophic liability claim against you.

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